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Social programme events

Take out your exercise mat and enjoy relaxing breaks! On Thursday and Friday, the day ends at the pub, come and join us!

Wednesday, 5 May

Time: 13.00

Short relaxation break by Meri Mort
Cave Nidra – Yogic Relaxation – 20 min.

Get cozy and lie down under a blanket, cover your eyes and drop into darkness for this deep relaxation. Follow your natural breathing and led the vocal journey take you into your heart cave.

Time:  16.35

Long Black Yoga – Snake Medicine 45 min.

Class of slow yoga, with spirals and waves, creating versatile movement to spine. Dark playlist will help to connect the liminal space of inner rhythms and pulsations. This is yoga for everybody. You don’t need to have any sports experience. Wear something easy and have a pillow to sit on.
Meri Mort is a moon follower, lover of both light and shadows. She is a creatrix, author & illustrator, yoga teacher trainer and mother of alternative yoga style – Musta jooga that brings together mythical storytelling and dark music.

Thursday, 6 May

Time: 13.05

Short yoga break by Laura Luna

Time:  16.20

Longer bat dance exercise by Laura Luna

Laura Luna is a Tribal Fusion Belly Dance-artist and -teacher who runs her own dance studio in Helsinki. During this day she will first be guiding you through a refreshing stretch and relax-break, focused on upper back, neck and shoulders. And to finish the day she has created especially for your enjoyment a little dance class with a bat-ty twist! This session includes a warm-up, a short dance sequence and ends with a bit of yoga. Guaranteed to make you feel awesome!

Time: 18.55

Cooking with Miika Kotila

Time: 20.00 

Instructed Burlesque lesson 45mins with Olivia Rouge

Conference fun with Olivia Rouge!
Are you ready to have some fun? Olivia Rouge will bring you to a workout mode and body maintenance with a twist – burlesque twist that is! She will be teaching a 45min burlesque class where you will learn some basic moves and teasing methods but also a 15-20min break workout to keep your brain going for the rest of the day!
Olivia Rouge is a burlesque performer from Finland, who has been performing since 2008 in various shows all around Finland but also in places like Las Vegas, New York, Hollywood, Rome, Amsterdam, London to name a few. She teaches weekly classes and also many workshops through her Olivia Rouge’s School of Burlesque. Classes require no previous knowledge of the art of the tease or dance skills of any kind. Although Olivia’s style is very femme, the classes are open to any gender!
More about Olivia:

Time: 20.00

Pub is open! Bring your own bottle!

Friday, 7 May

Time: 13.05

Short dance break with Olivia Rouge (20 min)

Time: 16.15 

Escape from bat cave game

Join us for a virtual escape room challenge, Escape the BatCave.

While out exploring, you stumble into what looks like living quarters, suddenly a door slams shut and you realise you are trapped! Can you escape before it’s too late?

Compete as small groups to see who can escape the fastest.

Please register by Thursday 6th May (registration link can be found on the virtual platform from Monday 3rd May onwards)

Time: 18.00 

Pub is open! Bring your own bottle!
Pub quizz!